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The cure for the common YYH fanfic.

We are the Reikai Writers. Resistance is futile! Er...sorry, wrong fandom.

Okay, so this is a small Yu Yu Hakusho writing community. We are a rare breed of Yu Yu Hakusho writers. We use grammar, we know how to spell, we like Kuwabara, and we enjoy good plot, in depth characterizations, and the female characters who are already in the show.

Awesome female characters! Built right in! It doesn't happen very often, and we enjoy taking advantage of it.

Ahem. Sorry. Sidetracked.


This community was created because we spent too many hours on fanfiction.net, and other fiction archives wading through the steaming piles of purple prose, forests of inconceivably idiotic mary sues, tangled webs of incoherent plot, and the sinking bog of characterization that YYH fanfic tends to be a lot of the time.

Do we enjoy hyperbole? Why yes. But, sadly, it's not that much of an exaggeration.

So we decided to band together and form this community that would challenge us to write good YYH fanfic, and write it more often. We'll see how that goes.


Inside, you'll find: good fic (we hope), fic recommendations (because there are good YYH fanfics out there, and more people need to know about them), fic challenges (because our muses need food, once in a while), and the occasional rant (because ff.net sucks us in sometimes, and we just can't avert our eyes).

Also, we are YAOI-TYPE WRITERS. It's not going to be in everything, but there's a fair amount. At the very least, the boys are going to be very friendly with one another.


Meet us!

Name: kahn, shinigami no seishi, Sonnet (Moderator)
Favorite Character: Kurama
Favorite guilty pleasure: Kurama x Yuusuke (or Yuusuke x Kurama, I'm not picky), crossovers
Pet Peeves: using the letter u as a substitute for the word "you"; inconsistent tense; Kurama as a whiny girl; Hiei as an insensitive jerk; Hiei as a caring, loving, well-adjusted person; the DUB (shudders); writing bad guys as good guys with little to no explanation as to why they're suddenly good and decent people
"Yuusuke. You'll notice we're losing."
"Yeah. Noticed that."
"I'm guessing you have a plan?"
"Sure. I hit the guy harder. That's the plan."
"Okay. You do that while I come up with a better plan."
"Good idea."

Name: nightwalker, majik, Kelly (Co-Mod)
Favorite Character: Kuwabara, which probably doesn't come as a surprise. Soft spots for Yusuke, Keiko and pretty much the entire main cast.
Favorite guilty pleasure: Yusuke x Kuwabara. Kuwabara x Kurama. AUs. Apocalyptic fic. Reincarnation fics.
Pet Peeves: character-bashing, characterization-rape, willful ignorance of canon just because you like it your way better. Author-inserts.
Possibly the last place in the world Kurama had expected to run into Hiei was in the crowded arcade down the street from Yuusuke's apartment on Four Games for 100 Yen night.

Name: scheherezhad, sche, Leslie
Favorite Character: Yusuke, but I have a special place in my heart for almost everyone in the series.
Favorite guilty pleasure: Kurama x Kuwabara (It feels sort of creepy and wrong, but I've never seen a badly written KxK fic.)
Pet Peeves: weepy, weak, submissive, girly Kurama; random Japanese words when English would be just as
good or better; bad grammar and spelling; Mary Sues and self-inserts.
Once upon a time, there was a tiny but dangerous youkai named Hiei. He was a mean little bastard, and he stood only four-foot-ten (without hair), so he probably had Little Man Syndrome.

Name: sobdasha, Shinju, Windswift
Favorite character: Kurama, though Yukina seems to be deviously trying to claim 2nd. I don't think there's anyone I actually dislike, though.
Favorite guilty pleasure: Yomi/Kurama. ...with simultaneous Kurama/Shura (but I don't think anyone's done that except for me). And any crack that can be logically justified.
Pet Peeves: OOC without just cause or being well done, character bashing, pairings I can't understand from canon characterizations
Quote: [pending]

Name: lady_flamewing Cottonmouth, Amanda
Favorite Character: Kurama just barely edges out in front of Kuwabara, if only because he’s so deliciously sarcastic sometimes.
Favorite guilty pleasure: Yusuke x Kuwabara. Kurama x Kuwabara. Alternate Universe. Crossovers. Well-written crack!fic.
Pet Peeves: OOC; character-bashing; net speak; basic grammar and spelling errors; random (and generally incorrect) insertion of fan-Japanese; self-inserts.
Quote: Even flanked as he was by two of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – beings in the Ningenkai, Kurama still couldn’t stop the chill of terror that crept down his spine at the sight of several dozen squealing girls stampeding down the sidewalk towards him, hearts practically visible in their eyes.

Name: victorien, Akemi, Stephanie
Favorite Character: Kurama
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: [Youko] Kurama x Shuuichi, Kurama x Yomi, (well-written) AU
Pet Peeves: Mpreg (especially badly written and ones without warnings), atrocious grammar, holding back updates for reviews, OOC without probable reason, plots that aren't going anywhere, especially after more than ten chapters
Quote: [pending]


Want to join? That's cool. We're not as scary as we might seem. We only bite because we care. (We decapitate the ones who really piss us off.) So if you'd like to join, please point us in the direction of your fanfic (email shinigami _ no _ seishi @hotmail.com [take out the spaces] or post a comment). We'll read it in a timely manner (we're fanfic fiends, so it probably won't take long), and if we like your stuff, we'll send you an invite. Okay? Okay.

EDIT: We are suspending the ability to become a writing member until further notice! We're very sorry to any who are interested! Thank you very much for taking interest in our little community! The main reason is that kahn, the primary maintainer of the community is spending long times away from writing, lj, and the internets, and she feels like a complete boob when she logs back in and finds that perfectly nice people have e-mailed her about joining and haven't received a reply for a very long time.

Those of you who would just like to WATCH the community, that option is still available to you. Just click this link, or return to the top of the page and click "Watch" in the box on the right-hand side of the profile.

Thank you again! And we're very sorry for the inconvenience.


+ Thou shalt not bash any character +
+ Thou shalt not have a discussion with your muses that is longer than the goddamned fic +
(in fact, pre-story muse chatting is pretty much completely out)
+ Thou shalt observe the basic rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling +
+ Thou shalt not interrupt the story with author’s notes +
+ Thou shalt not use more than two exclamation points in a row in a story +
(in a rant… we’ll be a bit more lenient)
+ Thou shalt not create a mary sue +
+ Thou shalt not use net speak in a fic +
(we don’t care how l337 you are with your m4d skillz, j0)
+ Thou shalt not beg for feedback and then bitch like a little girl in the midst of her first PMS if twenty people don't comment and threaten to stop writing +
(we really really really hate that)

Disclaimer: All aspects of Yu Yu Hakusho belong to Yoshihiro Togashi and other associated parties and were only borrowed for our own enjoyment and not for any commercial purposes. Any opinions we express do not reflect the opinions of Yoshihiro Togashi or associated parties.