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March 31st, 2010

05:17 pm - Fic: The Chosen One
Title: The Chosen One
Summary: The challenge was: Sensui, the end of the world, Kuwabara is the Chosen One. This is what I came up with. OT4 ahead.

It ends like this.Collapse )

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March 28th, 2010

09:08 pm - This is my most recent contribution to the YYH fandom...
...which is not much. But it's, um. More than nothing!

I wrote a cosplay! It debuted at Katsucon 2010 in the BEAUTIFUL Gaylord [immature *snorffle*] National Convention Center, which has a fountain so lovely that sometimes the Lord Our Savior shows up to orchestrate a show.

It was great fun! The staff was ridiculously pleasant; the food was ridiculously expensive (but tasty!) and, since the convention took place over Valentine's Day, there were plenty of couples there on romantic getaways who didn't know what the HELL was going ON.

The downside was that, unfortunately, the room in which they chose to host the Masquerade had HORRIBLE sound. There were some places in the room where the echo bounced back on itself so much that words became completely unintelligible. So...cue a dialogue-heavy script where everyone talks very quickly and frankly I'm surprised anyone got any of the jokes enough to laugh at all. Perhaps they were just being very polite. :-D

This is the Script Uncut.Collapse )

Then, for those of you who care about these sorts of details or just want the read less words, here's the cut version that was actually performed.Collapse )

So here it is!

Backstage Actor's CommentaryCollapse )

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08:01 pm - Challenge #6 - Mad March
So! It's only 2 days until March switches over to a new month, but posting this challenge now is completely acceptable. Because! Er...Because!

ANYWAY. Here's the March challenge. In honor of the new Alice in Wonderland movie that came out at the beginning of the month!

THE CHALLENGE: The cast of Yu Yu Hakusho jumps into Alice in Wonderland!

Kurama as the White Rabbit or the Queen of Hearts (heh).
Yuusuke as Alice, with or without the dress!
Koenma as the Chessire Cat
Genkai as the the Caterpillar!
Kuwabara as the Mad Hatter?

There are a lot of characters in both fandoms. Have fun with squaring them off with each other!

You decide: Who fits into whose role? Which universe are you going to use, traditional or the new Tim Burton? Are the characters going to run around AS the YYH cast or WITH the YYH cast?

(WITH the YYH cast, though...would probably be a very short-lived story. Hiei would spend about 2 minutes in Wonderland and then proceed to set everything on fire.)

Check out THE RULES and have fun!

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February 3rd, 2010

10:13 am - Challenge #5 - Romantic February

THE CHALLENGE: Here's a Romantic Challenge in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, but it wouldn't be much of a challenge if we left the pairings cannon (or even common). So, this is the Odd Couple Challenge!

Choose from this list:Collapse )

You decide: Long-time true love or a hasty, messy one-night-stand. Humorous or angsty or sweet. Or any combination! Your choice! I didn't include any crossover pairings, but feel free to add them if there are any that tickle you. Or come up with your own rare pairing to explore.

Check out THE RULES and have fun!

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January 29th, 2010

03:15 pm - I've just spent 3 hours wasting time...
and I thought I'd spread the love. So! I'm looking for a picture/screencap of Kuwabara wearing his Megallica T-shirt. I swore he wore it during the beginning of the Sensui arc where he goes to the ACTUAL CONCERT, but, alack, my powers of reasoning were thwarted.

In my search, I found this: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/YuYuHakusho
which I urge everyone to check out. It's a lot of fun! And completely kahn-approved!

Does anyone happen to know when Kuwabara wears his Megallica T-shirt? Or have a screencap? I know he's worn it. I remember mocking him for it. It's for nefarious purposes, I swear. I would love you forever!


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January 11th, 2010

02:57 pm - Challenge #4 - Apocalyptic January

Use this opening about two days after the end of the world.Collapse )

And finish it!

You decide: What caused the end of the world? How do they fix it? Where can they go that's devoid, or at least adverse, to life? Does Koenma's plan to send them back in time ACTUALLY work, or does it go horribly horribly wrong?

kahn's Take On It: (this is the original story idea the challenge spawned from. People can feel free to grab it and run their own take on how it would have turned out!)

- This, like MANY of my stories, was an excuse for a crossover. In the original idea, "places naturally adverse to life" meant places FULL OF THE UNDEAD. The original story had the four boys land in different places, and each one a different fandom crossover with vampires. Kuwabara ended up in the Dresden Files-verse. Kurama landed in the Anita Blake world, Yuusuke ended up with the Buffy cast and Hiei, I think, found himself in a Supernatural setting.

And last but not least, POSTING RULES! Have fun!

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December 3rd, 2009

01:45 am - Challenge #3 - Nondenominational Winter Celebration!
(...aka the Christmas Challenge!)
(PS aka - There HAVE been 2 other challenges. For notes on that, check here: http://community.livejournal.com/reikaiwriters/tag/challenge)


YYH does The Christmas Carol!

You decide: Who is Scrooge? Who plays the spirits? What is the lesson that "Scrooge" has to learn (it doesn't have to be about giving and kindness!)? Is it AU, or are you going to fit it into the existing YYH universe? Are the spirits benign? Remember, YYH has established demons and gods and none of them are particularly benevolent. Perhaps the spirits are sent to torment "Scrooge," rather than save him.

Or...maybe someone's school is putting on a PRODUCTION of A Christmas Carol! Maybe supernatural things are happening on the set!

Additional Challenges: (these are things you can ignore, but try to adhere to them as much as possible--for my own, personal, enjoyment, really.)

- As few Original Characters as possible! YYH has a WIDE cast--I'm sure there are enough people to fill all the parts.
- Feel free to make it a crossover!

kahn's Take On It: (this is the original story idea the challenge spawned from. People can feel free to grab it and run their own take on how it would have turned out!)

- My story WAS a crossover, originally. The YYH boys were the Spirits, drafted into the role because of cutbacks and because the Spirit of Christmas Past wanted a holiday vacation.

And for those who missed it, here are the posting rules! Have fun!

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01:30 am - How long has it been since I've posted? SO LONG.
Hello, fellow Reikai Writers! I think it's literally been YEARS since I last posted. That makes me a HUGE LOSER. I could make excuses, but it still boils down to HUGE LOSER. Thank you so much to all the other members that kept this community going while I was off being a HUGE LOSER!

Also, thank you, all of those who are watching and commenting! There are a lot more of you than I ever thought there would be. :-D

NOTES ON CHANGES: I've added tags to most of the backlogged fics. MEMBERS feel free to tag your own stories! Here's the existing list. I ask that, before you make a new one, check to see what's already available. It just makes things easier to navigate (which is the whole point of tags) if there aren't duplicates.

Also, I've closed membership for the foreseeable future, because I haven't even gotten to look at the last few people who've applied, and so I feel it's rude to offer the chance to join if it might be months before they get a reply.

I don't know if I'll be posting stories again any time soon. However! In an effort to contribute SOMETHING to this community, since I feel it's still worthwhile, and I'm still very much in love with YYH (I just write VERY SLOWLY, dammit), I thought I'd start posting challenges. Because I have a LOT of story ideas, but no time to write any of them, and I'd like to see other people's take on them! :-D I'll try to post at least one a month.

Here are the Rules.Collapse )

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August 15th, 2009

09:40 pm - Obon

Fandom: YuYu Hakusho
Rating: K
Characters: Yukina, Hiei
Summary: [100-word drabble] [Companion piece to Tourou Nagashi] Yukina makes an Obon offering to appease the hungry and the tortured souls in hell.



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July 26th, 2009

08:12 pm - Reputation
Cross posted

Fandom: YuYu Hakusho
Rating: K
Characters: Kurama, Hiei
Summary: [100-word drabble] Kurama hadn't realized Hiei was old enough to follow all the old legends and rumors, especially the grain of truth hidden within.



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