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November 24th, 2010

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12:02 pm - Fic: Yu Yu Hakusho vs Twilight (4/?)
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here's more story for you! (Whether you like it or not!)

Title: YYH vs Twilight
Pairings: Kurama/Yuusuke
Warnings: Sparkling vampires. Yuusuke's potty mouth.
Notes: I can look at a poster for one of the Twilight movies and identify everyone in it, now. That makes me sad inside. Also, SMeyers and I share a habit--being way too in love with commas. That makes me sadder. nightwalker is still in the Land of No Internets, so she was unable to help me out this time. If anyone sees any stray commas they are obligated to round them up and throw them at me. Pain is the only way I'll learn.
Summary: Urameshi Yuusuke arrives in Forks. It's not what you think.
Extra Disclaimer: All aspects of Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer, Little, Brown Publishing, Summit Entertainment, and associated parties. These characters were borrowed without permission, but only for fun and not for commercial purposes.

CHAPTER 4: Are You Enjoying the Rain?

"Wake up, Yuusuke!"

I sat up in bed, disoriented, gasping. It took me a long moment of staring at the dresser with the lavender vase on the far wall to realize I was in my room. My room in Forks, USA. My room in the house my father owned, where I'd come to live after being kicked out by my mother. The little mental review helped calm me down. Had yesterday been a dream?

"Are you awake?" asked Hiro from behind my closed door.

"Yeah!" I said, flinching a little at the unintentional echo of the words from the fog.

"Good. Don't think I'm letting you skip!"

There were thudding footsteps as he walked away. I lay back down and stared at my ceiling. Where were the missing pieces? How had I gotten home? Was Kuwabara okay? What the hell had happened? I didn't have answers to any of those questions. What the hell had been in the fog last night?

I turned my head to look out my window and saw a dark shape standing next to me. I couldn't see any detail. He was just a dense shadow, blotting out a man-shaped space. In fact, the only color he had at all were his dark red eyes.

He grinned at me and all his teeth were sharp. "Enjoying the rain?"

I woke up again, heart beating so hard it was like getting punched from the inside out. My mouth tasted like copper, and I was gasping like there was no air and unlike the first time, when I'd been ready to jump out of bed, this time I couldn't move at all for the first few seconds. I was on my side, staring at the windows. There was nothing standing beside my bed, but I kept staring at the space, waiting for him to appear.

I decided this couldn't be a dream, because my arm was asleep and my wrist hurt and I could smell eggs and coffee downstairs. Bright light steamed in through the blinds. That was weird enough to give me pause. Sunlight? In Forks?

I got up and opened my blinds. The sky was a clear blue. The sun dappled the changing autumn leaves. The perpetually wet world was drying out a little bit, and my new truck was sitting in the driveway like yesterday had never happened. I decided to get dressed and see if Hiro had any answers.

Halfway through bushing my teeth, I felt a twinge in my wrist. Bruises were forming, dark on my skin. I could still remember the burning grip, the eyes in the fog, the voice. There were a lot of terrifying things in that memory, but I was most worried about the fact that it had known me. That was usually a bad sign.

I spat toothpaste and looked at myself in the mirror. I was sallow, with dark shadows under my eyes and in need of a shave. The bruising around my eye was all but gone, though. I'd always been a quick heal.

I kept looking over my shoulder via the mirror, like I expected a black shape with sharp teeth and red eyes to appear behind me. That dream lingered, even after a hot shower. I kept getting prickles along the back of my neck like someone was watching me.

Downstairs, Hiro's cell phone started to ring, a little generic jingle. Oh, unacceptable. I'd have to change that to something suitably embarrassing as soon as I could get it away from him. I leaned out the bathroom to listen in on the conversation because I was nosy.

"Urameshi. Yeah. Yeah? Shit. Be right there."

Not riveting, but there was tension in Hiro's tone. I ducked back into the bathroom as his footsteps approached the bottom of the stairs.

"Yuusuke, I'm going out," he called up to me. "You had better get your ass to school on time or I will tan it and I don't give a shit how old you are."

Tan it? Who said that anymore? On the other hand, that was more swearing than I'd ever heard him use in one sentence. Either he was really serious or that phone call had been more stressful than it had sounded.

"YUUSUKE." I'd waited too long to answer. I imagined I could hear the picture frames on the wall rattling with that shout. Impressive lung capacity, really.

Two of us could yell like that. "I HEAR YOU, OLD MAN."


I stuck my head out the bathroom door just so my answer wouldn't be muffled. Hiro stood at the bottom of the stairs dressed in customary jeans and button-down shirt. This one looked business casual and not flannel, but I'd never seen him in uniform. I wondered if he even had one.



We glared at each other for a few moments. Hiro's was decent. I guess you had to have something impressive to turn on criminals and make them shiver in their boots. He had no endurance, though. After a few minutes, his expression eased and his voice returned to normal. "I don't know when I'll be back. Breakfast is on the table, and money for dinner, in case I'm not back."

I continued to glare. If angry, sullen silence had been an Olympic sport, I would've definitely taken the gold. The annoying thing was, Hiro seemed unfazed. He just continued on like I wasn't spitting little globules of resentment-venom at him.

"Take the truck if you think you'll be okay. If not, you'll have to walk. And if you walk you'll want to leave early." He threw his jacket on. That had an official cop look to it, black, kinda shiny all-weather fabric, police patch sewn on the front. It made me grit my teeth. Apparently, old memories were thicker than the blood between us. "Oh, and no punching anyone."

I couldn't let that one go in silence. "We'll see."

He only shook his head slightly and grinned, grinned, at me. Asshole. Then he was gone. After a quick shave, I went downstairs to forage for food. Hiro made it way too easy--he'd set everything out, everything but the cream for the coffee. I opened the refrigerator to find it and discovered a birthday cake instead. It was obviously store bought, in a little box with a clear plastic window on top. "Happy Birthday, Yuusuke" was written in messy kanji across the top. Hiro must have done that himself; I didn't think any supermarket bakery person in the area would know Japanese.

It was amazing how quickly I could go from feeling justifiably annoyed to feeling like a total ass. Must be a talent of mine. I hadn't even thanked him for the truck. Dammit.

All right, fine. No punching people. Today. Unless they really deserved it.

Wow, Yuusuke, said a voice in my head that sounded a lot like Kuwabara. You suck at being apologetic.

Stuff it, imaginary Kuwabara. I'm trying.

Where was Kuwabara, anyway? Had he gotten home? Was he safe? There was no way to find out. He didn't go to my school for whatever reason, and Hiro was the only one I could think of who could get in contact with Kuwabara and Genkai. Hiro was probably the only other person I could ask who would know how I'd gotten home last night. Damn him for having an actual job to do on the one day I wanted to talk to him. Resentment turned my eggs to acid in my throat.

Fuck. Imaginary Kuwabara was right. I was crap at being a nice person. I couldn't even think nice thoughts most of the time. What the hell was wrong with me?

Well, time to go to school and try not to punch people in the face. At least Kurama would be there. He would talk to me today or I would set his hair on fire with a Bunsen burner. I'd never been particularly graceful about being ignored.

What? I wasn't going to hit him, and I knew how to make setting someone on fire look like a total accident.

I walked to school. I wasn't sure I was up to driving without a guide and last time had not ended well, in any case. I wasn't entirely sure the truck wasn't haunted. Although, if it was haunted Hiro had earned all sorts of points for awesome.

It was cold but the sun was bright and that actually made it ideal weather for a leisurely stroll. I wasn't much for leisurely anything but I'd left early and took my time, crunching leaves and kicking fallen twigs. When they weren't soggy and dripping on me trees were actually nice. There weren't that many in Tokyo, not lining the roads and standing dense in every yard. I wondered when I would stop comparing this place to the city. Usually, Forks lost that mental tally, but now the air smelled clean, smog-free, with a distant hint of the ocean. That reminded me of home, Tokyo being a port city.

I wondered when I would stop thinking of Tokyo as "home."

Despite the town drying out a little, there were still puddles on the road, something I was reminded of when I stopped at a crosswalk to wait for a light. A truck full of dumb rich kids--classmates, I corrected myself--pulled to a stop in front of me. About four of them stuck their heads out various windows and began shouting at me. I couldn't understand most of it, but then they began miming the insults, pulling their eyes tight at the corners with their fingers and making stupid faces, before laughing, high-fiving and roaring off in a backwash of exhaust. Oh, and that puddle I mentioned earlier? All over my clean jeans. Awesome.

Normally, shit like that didn't matter to me. I'd been stabbed more than once. I'd broken my ribs taking a police bokken in the side during a bar fight. I'd defeated a man in total blackness by tracking the cigarette smell of his clothes. God, I wanted a cigarette. What point had I been trying to make? Oh yeah. That teenagers who thought they were scary were usually more entertaining than an actual threat. I'd slept in more than one pile of garbage bags in an alley, covered in my own vomit. What did I care about a little mud?

But today I was trying to be good. Today, I couldn't just flip them off and get on with life. Today, I had to swallow my anger and feel it scrape down the back of my throat and settle as a hot knot in my stomach as I continued on with my day that no amount of sunlight could make cheerful anymore. Goddammit, I fucking hated this place.

Getting to school didn't make it any better. I found their truck immediately, all shiny and expensive in the parking lot, completely unguarded, and couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't slash the thousand yen--oh, sorry, dollar--tires. I couldn't ruin the custom paint job. I couldn't smash in the tinted windows. I couldn't pour bleach into the souped up engine. It took concentrated effort to walk away.

Eri-ko bore the brunt of my resentment until I noticed him start to tuck into himself, looking hurt, and that made me feel like an ass, so I packed my anger and frustration into a tight little ball and tried not to punch my fist through a wall at the slightest provocation. Eri was a mellow person by nature and I liked him, so by lunch I was feeling better and looking forward to trying to freak Kurama out with long significant glances.

At lunch, though, there were no Cullens. Other Girl seemed to notice me staring at the empty Cullen table and told Eri-ko to tell me that the Cullens "don't come to school when it's sunny. Because they like to go backpacking when the weather's nice."

Something had been lost in the translation. "'Backpacking?' They like handbags in sunlight?"

"No--hiking. Being outside with nature. Taking long walks through the forest to commune with plants and animals."

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of."

Eri shrugged, looking at a loss to explain it further.

Fuck me. This day sucked.

"Don't be a grouch," Perky Chick said, via Eri. "Come with us to La Push."

"...La what?"

"La Push is the beach," Eri-ko explained. "Well, actually, it's a community about 15 miles from here where the reservation is located along with several other historic--" He must have seen my eyes glazing over, because he stopped, took a breath, and summed it up. "Mostly we go there for the beach, though. We're heading over there this weekend."

"Is that...fun?" It wasn't freezing cold yet, but it was getting there. Romping in water in this weather didn't sound all that great.

"Oh yeah," he assured me, with a big smile that made me wonder if maybe he wasn't just trying to get back at me for being an ass to him this morning. If he was I supposed I deserved it.

"Sure," I said after a moment, and then remembered to add, "Thanks."

His face lit up like I'd given him a gift, and that made me uncomfortable but also relieved to have said the right thing, for once.

Math class was dull but, fortunately, the work was easy. It was a little disconcerting to realize I was good at something besides fighting. It made my total failure at school the first time around more my fault than the fault of the school system and the teachers and everyone else I'd blamed at the time. After class, I stopped Eri before he left.

"You got any cigarettes?" I asked.

"Those things are bad for you," he said.

"So that's a no?"

"No, and you shouldn't smoke, either."

If I couldn't punch people in the face, then I was going to need nicotine, but I didn't say that to him. "Yeah, sure. Catch you later!"

There was no point going to biology if Kurama wasn't there. I wouldn't know what the fuck was going on and I wouldn't care enough to find out. I spent the majority of sixth period looking for someone with cigarettes, checking all the spots around the school grounds where I knew smokers would hang out. I finally begged three off a lunch lady by turning puppy eyes on her, and then settled into seventh period in the girl's bathroom, perched on the window ledge, blowing smoke through the chicken wire meshed-over crack I'd managed to wheedle out of its painted-shut frame.

Little trickles of thought moved the wheels in my head very slowly. Usually, I didn't have a lot of time to sit around thinking about things. But right now it was just me and the smoke and the chemical-sweet smell of disinfectant mixed with the faint scent of urine, which seemed to be a universal constant in school bathrooms because it had smelled the same in Japan.

Kurama had eyes that changed color and white skin and was ridiculously attractive--too attractive to be human, really. And his family, who also had white skin and ridiculous attractiveness (and probably glow-y eyes if I could predict correctly where things were headed) didn't eat at lunch and were never in school when the sun was out, because they loved the light so much that they had to go frolic in it. And yet, they were still ridiculously pale.

I didn't usually do research, my failing grades in several classes back in Junior High a good indicator of that, but I knew how to study in theory, and if hanging out with Eri had taught me anything, it was how to be a total nerd. That being said, if I wanted to look deeper into something I knew where to go, which was how I found myself willingly heading to the school library. No one manned the desk, so I bypassed the sign-in sheet and headed straight for the shelves. Of course, I couldn't read anything, so that slowed my progress down a lot.

Books smelled strange to me. A large number of them together had a woodsy scent. It was a dead forest, though, full of silence and dust. There wasn't anyone else in the library and quiet wrapped me like a suffocating blanket. In my world, it was only this still right before the shit hit the fan.

I pulled books out at random, feeling stupid. I've never been the brightest crayon in the box, and that didn't usually bother me, because I was usually the toughest. I'd never realized how important basic reading skills could be. I didn't even really know what I was doing here. I guess I was hoping that there'd be a book in here with pictures that helped me.

The hair on the back of my neck prickled. I whirled around, brandishing the book in my hand, but no one was there. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a black shape disappearing behind some bookshelves. For a moment I hesitated, remembering my dream. Then I said fuck it, because I didn't like being afraid of the unknown. At least if I could find out what it was, I could be afraid in an informed way.

I put the book down and went after it. There were no footsteps to follow, no sound at all, but I could glimpse it flickering between shelves, leading me toward the back of the library, where it finally disappeared through an open door in the back.

Beyond the doorway it was dark and smelled musty. I stood at the threshold and oriented myself. It didn't take long to realize that there was light via a very faint single bulb, which had made the shadows deeper to my unadjusted eyes. There were boxes in the room, stacked in neat piles, some of them so old that the seams along the cardboard near the bottoms were failing in places, splitting open to reveal the edges of even more books.

"Think you're going to scare me off with more reading?" I asked the shadow, even though I couldn't see it anymore.

Some of the boxes were open, and I picked a book at random from the top pile. It was oversized and hardcovered, and though I couldn't read I could still identify the name of Fork's High School on the cover and the year: 1965. It was a yearbook. This room was probably archives of some sort. I opened it and flipped through it, snickering at 60s hairstyles in the black and white photographs.

Then I stopped as a picture caught my eye. A black-and-white photo in the ranks of seniors detailed the frozen image of a pretty girl with pixie features grinning at the camera. Her dark hair was longer, slicked into a careful fall and up-flip at the shoulders, but I knew that smile, that pale heart-shaped face. I looked at the name labeling the picture.

Of course I couldn't read it. But I knew the first letter of her last name started with C, and that I'd seen this same girl, with her cheerful smile and sparkling eyes, teasing Kurama at the lunch table of Cullens in the cafeteria.

What the hell--?

That was about as far as the thinking process got, however, because there was a commotion out in the library. Afraid of being caught somewhere I wasn't supposed to be, I slammed the book shut, tossed it back in a box and hurried out to see what the heck was going on.

At the front of the library, the jerkoffs from this morning had cornered Eri-ko between the check-in desk and a wall. They all stopped when they saw me and I froze, too, caught between the desire to curb stomp these guys and to not get caught fighting on school property. This space was full of obstacles, ones I couldn't just pick up and break over an asshole's head. Plus, I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep Eri out of things if it came down to a brawl.

The first guy, the leader, the driver, swaggered forward. He walked like he had a tiny dick and a huge attitude to make up for it. I would've said so if I'd known the English. I did the next best thing. When he got toe-to-toe with me, I spat in his face.

He slammed my head into the librarian's desk. Not bad for a rich white boy.

I don't think they expected me to get up again, after that. But my head has always been the hardest part on me, according to my mother. My ears were ringing, but I was grinning as I stood up.

I didn't hit him. I didn't hit any of them. I kept my promise to my father, and to myself, but I made them come after me instead of Eri-ko, and I did not do it quietly. First, I went for the door. I was faster than all of these football jocks. How far did sound travel in an empty hallway in a school? Really far, it turned out. I yelled like the devil was chasing me. Then I just fell down and pretended to be a lot more hurt than I was as teachers and students came to find out what the fuck was going on. It was easy enough to do, since the knock against the desk had opened a head wound, and head wounds always bleed a lot.

When things got sorted, I got to sit in the nurse's office being pampered and those five assholes got suspended. Go me.

Weirdly, the lunch crew all came to check on me with genuine worry in their voices and expressions. Eri-ko stayed with me as a translator and witness, and then walked me home. We ran into Blonde Girl, Blond Guy and Perky Chick who all decided to come with us. They decided that amongst themselves without talking to me, mind you. I wasn't used to being taken care of. It sort of made my skin crawl, but even I wasn't asshole enough to tell them to take a hike. Yet.

"Where do the Cullens live?" I asked as we walked. We had sort of paired off into twos to avoid walking each other into lampposts or off the curb. I was walking with Eri-ko at the front of the line.

After a brief conference, they concluded that no one knew.

"No one's been to their house?"

Well, they weren't exactly friendly.

Perky Chick teased, "Why? Do you like one of them?"

Blond Guy said, "Is it Rosalie? Because she is totally hot."

And then he got punched in the shoulder by Perky Chick. That was pretty funny, actually, but we've already established that I enjoy violence. Perky Chick was suddenly a bit attractive to me. Goddammit, I was a masochist.

But it was time to get this conversation back on track. "Isn't it weird that no one knows where they live or who they are exactly and that they disappear when the sun's out and that their eyes glow?"

That last one had been a long shot, but Perky Chick burst out, "I thought I imagined that!"

"Listen," said Blond Guy. "The Cullens are mysterious douchebags. That's what the do. That's their purpose in life. If we take that away from them, they're just douchebags and who wants that?"

"They're nice looking douchebags," Blonde Girl said.

Blond Guy said, "Still don't care. Can we talk about something else, like how Yuusuke screams like a girl?"

"Hey!" Eri-ko had sort of flinched when he'd translated that bit so I tried to look extra offended, just to make him more nervous.

Then Blond Guy got punched in both shoulders, right side by Perky Chick and the left side by Blonde Girl because using "like a girl" as an insult was never a good idea around actual girls.

After that, they sort of talked around me--about the weather, the upcoming Fall Dance (important enough to have verbal capital letters) and classes. I didn't find it more interesting than the Cullens, but probably because I was the only person who was losing time and seeing shadows and obsessing over beautiful redheads.

When we got to Hiro's house, they stayed around to good-naturedly mock my truck and tease me for not knowing how to drive and for taking on a bunch of bullies with the power of my lungs alone. After that wound down, they said their goodbyes and headed to their own homes. All but Eri, who lingered until they were out of earshot before turning to me.

"Thanks," he said, "for today."

"No problem," I said. "Thanks for putting up with me." Because I knew it couldn't be that easy.

He nodded, and tugged at his shirt without meeting my eyes and sort of half turned away before turning back. "I agree with you--about the Cullens. I can do some research, if you'd like. See what I find."

"Yeah, actually... You know that room at the back of the library? With all those boxes in it?"

"The yearbook archives? Yeah, I was organizing it today, taking some of the older stuff to the basement. That's when those jerks attacked me. They're pissed that I took away one of the pages for the football display. I think their coach eggs them on. He's an ass."

"Awesome. I don't care. I found something I want to show you. Can I meet you there tomorrow?"

"Sure. After school I should be free."

"That'd be great." I grinned. "Thanks! And, before you leave, could you do me a favor?"

He gave me a curious look. "Depends on what it is."

"Order dinner for me?"

Which is how I came to be neck-deep in pizza when Hiro finally came home. He looked tired, and walked in like he dragged a heavy weight behind him, attached at his shoulders.

"How's things?" I asked, cautiously. When Mom looked like that, she tended to hit first and ask questions later. He took one look at me and blanched.

"What happened?"

I blinked at him. "What?"

"What happened to your face?"

I'd completely forgotten the dark bruise forming out from my left temple and the bandage the school nurse had placed just over my eyebrow to stem the blood flow. No wonder the delivery guy had given me an odd look.

"They hit first. They're suspended; I'm not." Quick and simple, best way to explain yourself if it wasn't actually your fault. The distance and the dining room table between us helped me feel more secure, too.

He let out a long sigh and just looked more tired, like the willpower that had kept him standing had been halved just seeing my battle damage. "You okay?"

"A scratch like this couldn't slow me down. It's fine, Dad. Really. What about you? You look like shit."

He poked unenthusiastically through the pizza selection, finally settling on The Works. "Bad case. Done your homework?"

"Yeah. Eri stayed to help me through it. What kind of case?"

"Don't worry about it." He ate through his slice like he didn't taste it. "I'm going to bed. Can you clean up in here?"

Normally, I would pitch a fit, but his color looked off--almost gray--and his eyelids were drooping so I said, "Okay."

He went to bed. I cleaned the kitchen and chewed on the details I knew like a dog with a bone. The Cullens and their glow-y eyes. The way their very presence made me want to run or rip their throats out. Kurama smelling of blood. The fact that I was almost positive the girl in the picture from 1965 was the same girl that had been sitting in my cafeteria today.

I brushed my teeth and thought about dark crimson hair. I jerked off in the shower and thought about green eyes turning gold.

He said creepy things to me and then took off like my chair was wired to a ticking time bomb and this was my response? I'd sort of resigned myself to having poor taste because Mom couldn't sleep with a normal guy unless she was trying to con him, and I'd never been attracted to people unless there were edges in them somewhere but this was a little extreme even for me.

Then again, Hiro seemed like a nice guy. Was he the exception, or had he been one of Mom's first victims? Not something I wanted to think about.

I'd never been afraid of my taste for dangerous people because I was a dangerous person, too, moreso than anyone I'd ever thought of fucking. Kurama might be my exception to the rule. Just my luck that it would be on the opposite end of the spectrum from Hiro: someone too dangerous to trust or be safe around, despite my long history of breaking bones when anyone looked at me too long.

I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but I knew how to survive. It was time to figure out what the hell was going on with the Cullens before I was in too deep. Tomorrow might be interesting.

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Date:November 24th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Thinking about Yuusuke's reaction to a sparkly Kurama makes me snicker.
[User Picture]
Date:November 26th, 2010 03:45 am (UTC)
That's coming!

...Make me a mock-cover!

That is all!

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Date:November 25th, 2010 04:47 am (UTC)
skdjf I'm enjoying this series so much. XDDD Yuusuke's way of dealing with the bullies was amazing. Also, yay Hiei!! :D Can't wait for sparkly Kurama lolol.
[User Picture]
Date:November 26th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the series. There should be more Hiei in the future! And a sparkly Kurama. :-D
[User Picture]
Date:November 26th, 2010 04:34 am (UTC)
this is still great. :D i love yuusuke's solution to not starting a fight - seemed very in character. XD
[User Picture]
Date:November 28th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It's difficult to make Yuusuke NOT fight, but stay in character. I'm glad it worked for you!
[User Picture]
Date:April 19th, 2012 12:17 am (UTC)
I know you're evil and like to torture your characters but come on! Your readers are not characters! Stop torturing us by leaving awesome fic unfinished!!! Damn you...

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